Darshu’s Turbo Build

This is a parts list from Darshu, he purchased my up pipe / down pipe combo sometime around 2001.

DescriptionPart numberPriceSource
Hard Parts
Used TD04L-13G from a USDM WRXBought Used$300I-Club
Bosch 1″ outlet BOV$45saabperformanceparts
Custom up-pipe$200Unique Motorsports
Custom Down pipe$200Unique Motorsports
Catco Universal 2.5″ Catalytic Converter#CTO-8006$99Summit Racing
Custom 2.5″ downpipe-back exhaust$450
JDM ’96 WRX Intercooler and piping$150I-Club
Westach EGT Probe#712-4D2K$39Chief Aircraft
Rumblesoft Carbon Fiber Air Intake and Turbo to IC pipes:#IHATEKURT$250Rumblesoftracing
Oil Return Line Parts
Earls -10AN Weld-in Fitting#EAR-967110$7.69Summit Racing
Russel 45deg. -10AN Hose end#RUS-610110$17.95Summit Racing
Russell 3′ 10AN Braided Steel hose#RUS-632150$19.95Summit Racing
bolts for IC/Turbo pipe 6mm-1.0 X 20mm30699 35788$0.66Home Depot
Autometer Sport-Comp Gauges
Fuel Pressure 100psi#3309$75optauto
Boost -30 to 25PSI#3301$50optauto
EGT to 1600F#3365$106optauto
Autometer Dual 2 1/16″ A-Pillar Pod#20590$30Nipponpower
Various Plumbing Stuff
3-2.5″ Silicone Reducer$19.99Baker Precision
2.5″ – 2.25″ Silicone Reducer$18.99Baker Precision
2″ Hump Hose X 2$40Road Race Engineering
Brass Tees (Coolant lines) X2$10.43Home Depot
6 ft. 5/8″ Heater Hose$6.99Pep Boys
3 ft. 3/4″ Hater Hose (who needs Samco BOV and vacuum hoses)$5.99Pep Boys
Purolator Fuel Filter (It’s a catch can, I swear!)$3.44Pep Boys
3″ Band Clamp X 4$2.96Home Depot
2″ Band Clamp X 4$2.40Home Depot
1″ Band Clamp X 10$4.50Home Depot
Bag of Zip Ties$1.99Home Depot