Thieves Have No Place in This World

Not only did they take my time and cost me money from having to do additional work to the skittle, but also lost time from my job. Thanks mr/mrs pond scum scraping suck bags. Hope you enjoy your mint condition Rotas, you make me feel quite happy I have taken such good care of them over the years as I’m sure you need them more than I do. Oh and I got some new tires on there too, you’ll be happy to note I stepped up for the SPT’s, you can enjoy longer treadwear, good grip and when you do surpass those grip limits, low noise to keep from drawing attention.

If you are trying to read my love note, clicking on it will open it up in a new window. Click on it again for it’s full sized glory.

What about wheel locks… Well, while wheel locks will keep the uneducated or amateur thieves away, anyone with half a brain can figure the car is in a driveway and therefore might possibly be there regularly. Take a picture or notes regarding the wheel key and get online and buy it. I had to buy it somewhere, why can’t they? Perhaps they don’t want to mess with it and would rather get a more universal solution, well a trip to a Snap On truck and here you go.