Ode to the Tire Shop’s

Let me count the ways… hm… well… uh…

OK… so i have had my wheels all of a month or so now. About every 2 weeks I put about 2psi in my front left and 1psi in my front right. Perhaps it’s my driving style, but even driving mellow, they still lose air pressure.

Tire shop says nothing is wrong, they cant find a leak.

I check the air pressure, one is about 30psi, the other about 37. They say it’s 32… I ask for them to show me on their gauge he says yes, gets the tire dudes gauge, checks… yep 32 (this side should be about 37), doesn’t show me then checks the other. I ask how my gauge could be so innacurate… yet so consistant… he says it’s my gauge. I say ok, I’ll get another. Walk to the attached autozone, buy a digi gauge and get the same results. he says i bought a bad gauge but will set it to mine. I say “great”.

His gauge is the pen style 99 cent special, why is he all butt hurt? Not only that, but I was polite about the whole thing, I just wanted my air pressue the same on both sides… doesn’t seem all to crazy to me. Also, when the tire guy checked on his gauge, he pushed a button on it and after it was reading the same as my new digi… which read close to what the cheap dial indicator was…

Oh and when I checked for the key… they put the wrong one in, it just spins on the lugs like it’s 2 sizes too big. AWSOME! now I get to go back tomorrow.

If I ran my own place like that, I wouldn’t have a job.


After my post I thought to check and verify I got my wheel key back… yep… even in the same place, but looked a little different… tried it and well, it’s like using a 22mm on a 19mm bolt… not the right key.

Whatever, innocent mistake… call the tire shop…. here’s an excerpt:

Me “Hi, this is Chad, I came in earlier to have my tire looked at and you guys were unable to find the leak. Well, you gave me back the wrong wheel key so I would like to come in and pick mine up.”

Wheelhead: “I don’t know if we have your key man”

Me: “You should, you used it to remove my wheels a few hours ago.”

Wheelhead: “Look man, I don’t know if we have it, you’ll just have to come in and see if we could match it up”

WHAT!??!? Really? Why? Why so angry? It’s a simple mixup? I clearly rubbed him the wrong way, how dare I ask for even tire pressure or my wheel key…