Aveo gets an Always on Power Option July 2009

How often do you go out or maybe you are at work and you want to charge your phone but you don’t have a charger. You might have a car charger but leaving your door unlocked with the key in the ignition just doesn’t sound like the best solution. Well this is why some newer cars have an always on power adapter. While I may not consider my five year old Aveo old, it is thoughtful enough to have two chargers, unfortunately none of them stay on all the time.

This seems like a simple fix. Simply tap into the constant memory wire of the stereo and run it to the power outlet. Doing this resulted in a stereo that stayed on as well. OK so it looks like the accessory wire for the deck also runs the extra ac adapter. I then cut the line to the ac plug and replaced it with my new power line. For good measure, I also improved the ground of the ac adapter to help cut down on feedback through my RF adapter.

In addition to the extra ground I went ahead and run a couple extra battery grounds as well. Like every other car I upgraded the battery ground I didn’t expect any kind of performance gain though I did hope go remove some of the feedback. It doesn’t appear to have cut down feedback, however I don’t have to turn the volume up as much for the same amount of sound.

All said a very successful install. I now have an always on method of charging my phone or any other device without the keys in my car. Works beautifully for long nights out when my phone dies or my 11 hour Saturday work shifts.