Growing Silicone From Your Body – Morgellons

If anyone told me about this, I wouldn’t laugh but I would most likely shrug it off as crazy talk. Growing silicone out of your body like some self replicating nanotechnology? Yeah… Maybe in a lab but not thousands of people primarily in Texas and California.

That said, I’m not going into detail of what this is, whether it’s psychotic in nature, aliens, chemtrails, food chemicals or something else.

The first picture you can see something that looks like a hair stuck to the finger, I watched this thing grow. For the next picture, a new fiber like hair looking thing was grown. I read it reacted to humain hair so on the left is human hair, on the right is this folical. You can see they are attracted like magnets. The folical then quickly sprouted a few millimeters as it goes for the hair.

This is weird… I hope it’s not contagious as I really don’t want multiple doctors to tell me I’m psychotic.

If you are interested in reading more, here is a link to a wikipedia article on the subject.