Aveo Woes – Dash Light Out

Heading out from work, couldn’t help but notice a dark dash. So here I sit, in a well lit gas station and start pulling fuses.

I did find one burnt fuse, mentions left illum, swapped it for a food 10a, turn the lights and… Nothing. Hm… All fuses pulled and checked, all fuses good. Hm… Internet time. Found a couple messages regarding a bad plug or melted wire in the underhood fuse box. Couldn’t find a problem, figured maybe I need to unbolt the box and look below. Pulled the plug and blew on it like it’s an old NES game, closed the hood and started the car. I’ll get it at home. No need, lights are working, hands are thawing.

Update: they went out again the following day. A write up with some pictures and a fix will be coming soon.