Replaceing an Aveo Valve Cover Gasket – December 2010

With around 75,000 miles, I started getting some excessive oil around the valve cover base. I had a full blown oil leak where the valve cover protects the spark plug galleys from getting any oil in them. This made for a couple of oily plugs which does not work out to well for performance. The install went pretty straight forward, while I was in there, I also removed the Exhaust Manifold and did some minor gasket match porting on the head and exhaust manifold.

The minor port work I did had some surprising results. There is a “test turn” which I would normally take around 65 as that’s all the car could really muster. After the porting, I am through third, into fourth and find myself lifting as 75 is a little too fast for this turn.

Check out the slide show and enjoy the sounds of Blap Blap by Vegas DJ Dert Cheep.

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  • Zaiah

    Thank you for the slide show. I rather enjoyed the tunes. I thought this job was about this straight forward, but I still lack all tools and a certain amount of skill in tightening the valve cover down evenly. If I can find a local shade tree mechanic to install the valve cover – what is fair in time or cost by job?

  • Hi,

    Thank you for the reply. I’m not sure what the book time is on this, but figure about an hour or two job.

  • Wormdad

    This might sound stupid but how did you port out the exhaust manifold? I enjoyed the slideshow.  It gives me a better idea of what to do before I start.

    •  I have an electric die grinder which combined with some porting bits allowed me to clean up the exhaust manifold ports a little bit. For the head, I shoved some paper towels in there and used a drill with different grinding stones followed by various grits of sand paper.

  • Deepconcenctratn

    How did you torgue the bolts on the valve cover.  What was your sequence

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  • Redrollerskate

    Thank you for this! Helped me a lot since I had to do this too at 90k. Bad gaskets at factory?

    • Glad I was able to help you out. As for lasting 90k, that’s pretty good. it’s a valve cover gasket, they aren’t exactly known for lasting a long time, even on “better made” cars like Toyotas and such.

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