Compression vs Boost by Mattc VIA iClub

Higher static compression creates more power throughout the rpm band, but it’ll lower your maximum allowed boost before the onset of detonation. Boost is worth way more power than compression, because boost raises your compression and your total air flow at the same time. With the down side of, when you’re not on the boost, you have slightly less power.

Effective Compression Ratio = static compression ratio x (1 + boost/14.7)^1/2

For a car running 8.5:1 pistons and 18psi(~max on pump gas)

8.5 x (1 + 18/14.7)^1/2 = 12.67 ECR

If you run 9.0:1 pistons and want to maintain the same 12.67 ECR (~max on pump gas), you’ll have to lower your boost to: 14.4psi

[(12.67/ 9.0)^2 – 1] x 14.7 = 14.4 psi

So you have to run 3.6 psi less boost to maybe pick up a tinny bit of bottom end. Or to take it even further for 9.5:1 you can only run 11.4psi. I’ll tell you right now that the difference between 11.4psi and 18psi is huge. And at some point (12.67:1 in this case) you can run no boost and be maxed out on ECR for pump gas. And how fast is a N/A car with 12.67:1 compression, ask the Honda boys running 15’s.

Of course you get to a point where you don’t want to go the other way too much ether. A 6.0:1 car isn’t too much fun on the street, but it can run 50.8 psi boost on pump gas. But the kind of turbo that could support that much boost would never spool up. You have to find what’s right for you, but 8.5:1 is what most of the DSM guys like. My friend just built a motor for his DSM with 9.0:1 JE’s and he is quite upset to find that he’s getting lots of knock running 16psi. While lately in the cold weather, I’ve been running 20psi (8.5:1) on pump gas w/o any knock. And I drove his car and the difference in bottom end grunt isn’t even noticeable. And his top end performance is sad compared to mine.

I’d be real interested to hear what you guys think of this stuff.

Kevin 90GSX

That basically covers all of it. Please make sure you have your information straight before posting such important stuff. There are many readers here that take everything posted as the complete truth.



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