Fuel Pump Sizing

Total Fuel Flow (lb/hr) = Injector Size (lb/hr) X number of injectors

To convert lb/hr to gallons-per-hour divide by 6.25.

To convert from pounds-per-hour to liters-per-hour divide by 1.64.

To convert from gallons-per-hour to liters-per-hour, multiply by 3.8.

OK, now that this is out of the way lets figure out what I need for my 200 hp 1.8L.

The injector size we figured on is 29.4 pounds/hr

Total Fuel Flow (lb/hr) = 29.4 X 4

Total Fuel Flow (lb/hr) = 117.6

Now we have to convert it to Liters-per-hour since that’s what most pumps are measured by.

117.6 * 1.64 = 192.86

So the fuel pump needed will only need to flow about 193 LPH.