The $100 Paint Job – Ah, I See It Now!

Months into this paint job and I am now fully Convinced.

Hours have been spent straightening, sanding, cleaning, painting, cleaning, painting, sanding and so it goes. The first coat was a little thick and had some massive orange peel, as I progress I get better and faster. I still have two coats of black but I got anxious. I had to see the finish product. I’m glad I I’d too and for two reasons. One, I have a better understanding about the wet sanding. Two, I can see myself in that paint! After some wet sanding with 1000 grit on a block I followed up with 2000 in my hand. A few spots of primer are showing up which can be expected as I’m still a few coats away from being done.

I wrote up a little more, talking about the highs and lows of this evening, me battling the shine but I lost it. Turns out I should hit save prior to done and since I’m making this post from my phone I really don’t want to go back into it. Important thing is the shine.

Now for some pictures. I took a few pictures of the hood, as you can see I only actually buffed a small section. I also have some pictures of the front fenders after two coats of paint. The mix is two parts Rustoleum hunter green to one part Lowes royal blue enamel.