1993 Subaru Impreza Power Steering Pump Rebuild

Subaru power steering pumps always seem to leak after a few years. On my original Impreza I just let it leak until it got so bad I replaced the pump. If I knew I could fix it for $20, I probably would not have picked up that used replacement.

The power steering pump kit is from www.pskits.com. The service was great as was the price. I did run into one snag though as one of the gaskets does not seem to fit. I’ll contact them regarding this or possibly just let it be if it doesn’t leak.

This is my first attempt at rebuilding power steering pump, follow along with the pictures as I describe the process.

Tools Required:

  • 12mm socket
  • 3″ socket extension
  • Socket Wrench
  • Vice
  • 17mm Wrench or Socket
  • Screwdriver or something to lock the pulley as you loosen the nut.
  • Circlip Remover