Subaru Head Torque Specs and Sequence

This is a quick guide to help when replacing head gaskets on a Subaru. The torque specifications for the heads along with the sequence is a bit involved.

1) Tighten all bolts to 29 N-m (3.0 kgf-m, 22 ft-lbs) in alphabetical sequence.
2) Then tighten all bolts to 69 N.m (7.0 kgf-m, 51 ft-lbs) in alphabetical sequence.
3) Back off all bolts by 180″ first; back them off by 180″ again.
4) Tighten the bolts (a) and (b) to 34 N-m (3.5kgf-m, 25 ft-lb).
5) Tighten the bolts (c), (d), (e) and (f) to 15 N.m (1.5 kgf-m, 11 ft-lb).
6) Tighten all bolts by 80 to 90″ in alphabetical sequence.
CAUTION: Do not tighten the bolts more than 90″.
7) Further tighten all bolts by 80 to 90″ in alphabetical sequence.
CAUTION: Ensure the total “re-tightening angle” [in the former two steps], do not exceed 180″.

  • Sr_limo33

    hi will this work for 1996 wrx sti engine

    • Subachad

      You should probably verify it by checking the manual. Here is a link where you can find a manual for your WRX STI

      • Subachad

  • roadglider08

    Installing heads on a 2008 impreza EJ25 non turbo and looking at All Data they give a different torque sequence with A & B on the outside bolts?
    Your sequence makes more logical sense.

    • Subachad

      You should probably go by that. I think these specs are from a non turbo 2001 or so EJ25.

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  • Jeff Lackey

    these were the latest specs as of 2011 at the dealership, except that all numbers followed by the ( ” ) symbol should be degrees, as it represents angle torquing by degrees.