Subaru Head Torque Specs and Sequence

This is a quick guide to help when replacing head gaskets on a Subaru. The torque specifications for the heads along with the sequence is a bit involved.

1) Tighten all bolts to 29 N-m (3.0 kgf-m, 22 ft-lbs) in alphabetical sequence.
2) Then tighten all bolts to 69 N.m (7.0 kgf-m, 51 ft-lbs) in alphabetical sequence.
3) Back off all bolts by 180″ first; back them off by 180″ again.
4) Tighten the bolts (a) and (b) to 34 N-m (3.5kgf-m, 25 ft-lb).
5) Tighten the bolts (c), (d), (e) and (f) to 15 N.m (1.5 kgf-m, 11 ft-lb).
6) Tighten all bolts by 80 to 90″ in alphabetical sequence.
CAUTION: Do not tighten the bolts more than 90″.
7) Further tighten all bolts by 80 to 90″ in alphabetical sequence.
CAUTION: Ensure the total “re-tightening angle” [in the former two steps], do not exceed 180″.

  • Sr_limo33

    hi will this work for 1996 wrx sti engine

  • roadglider08

    Installing heads on a 2008 impreza EJ25 non turbo and looking at All Data they give a different torque sequence with A & B on the outside bolts?
    Your sequence makes more logical sense.

    • You should probably go by that. I think these specs are from a non turbo 2001 or so EJ25.

      • Rhyan Sullivan

        Remember when re using old bolts which is actually recommend on the first head gasket replacement to skip the backing off procedure because the bolts have already been stretched to their holding strength

    • anthony

      all data shows 2 pictures, the first in de-torqueing sequence with a and b on the outside, theres a picture at the bottom of the torqueing sequence which shows a and b in the center like this. Although procedure differs from this one. go with all datas procedure. idk why they put the picture at the bottom seems kind of dumb and easy to overlook.

      • Thanks for the comment. I would have to double check, but I’m pretty sure I pulled this out of the factory service manual for a SOHC ej18 or ej22.

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  • Jeff Lackey

    these were the latest specs as of 2011 at the dealership, except that all numbers followed by the ( ” ) symbol should be degrees, as it represents angle torquing by degrees.

  • Richard Bittinger

    I’m using a copper spray to coat the gaskets. But its still tacky after drying for a hr, is that normal,.