Introducing Stassi, a 2004 Rx8

It’s been a while since I posted up. I actually bought Stassi months ago in March. It’s now October and I’m just now posting this.

While The Skittle was a fun little car, good on gas and personality, it lacked the power to really take it to a track. I needed something that wasn’t a money pit, fun, sporty and ideally front engine and rear wheel drive. I have always liked the Rx8 and actually had 4 Rx7’s in the past. An 85 GSL-SE with the larger 14″ wheels and fuel injected 13b, an 86, an 87, and an 91.

Stassi was in pretty good shape for a 2004, somewhat maintained though not meticulously. With a fairly low cash price I figured I would want to upgrade most of the maintenance items like tires, brakes, etc anyway so with a little over $6,000, she was mine. Now for some pictures.