Cloud 9 – A Burning Man Art Car Golf Cart Thing

Meet Cloud 9. Cloud 9 was created for Burning Man to give a specific person something to ride around on. Well the first year was great but it couldn’t really seat everybody and also we found a few other options we would like so thus began a rather involved Cloud 9 Burning Man Art Car Golf Cart rebuild. More information will probably come later, for now, here are some pictures broken into some categories.

Cloud 9 Inspection and Teardown

You have to start somewhere.

Cloud 9 Electrical

It’s Burning Man, we need lights, cooler, stereo and various other things.

Cloud 9 Metal Fabrication

I like this part. Something about cutting, grinding and melting metal is satisfying.

Cloud 9 Paint and Body

Just because it’s Burning Man, doesn’t mean it can’t be neat.

Cloud 9 – Suspension

Not much work was done here. Some upgraded springs in the rear which combined with all the wheel spacers made it much more stable, especially when a lot of people are on the upper deck. Unfortunately the front couldn’t hold up and will need to be completely redesigned for next year.