In 1997 three guys by the name of Chad Stamper, Cheyne Rutledge, and James Klepper were convinced by James Go to attend an autocross event. At the time, neither of us knew what an autocross event was.

Excited with the thought of attending an actual racing event, that we could participate in, we woke up early and headed out to Portland International Raceway for our first event. Once there, we were all a little nervous about the competition. There were, MR2’s, Miata’s, Corvettes, BMW’s and many other cars. Many of those cars had “sticky” tires, which help them stick to the track even better. Klepper showed up late and missed the registration for the event. Though James Go and Cheyne arrived early, they were reluctant to race. I however showed up just in time to register my 87 Mazda Rx7. All the others laughed at me and continued to ridicule me for the butt kicking I was about to receive.

Undeterred by their Infantile remarks, I strapped on my loaner helmet and showed all what I was made of. Though I never did receive first place, I did manage 10 out of 30 and ever since have been hooked. With that, came the formation of Unique Motorsports.

My Mazda, Cheyne’s Tercel, and Klepper’s Suzuki, all cars that are not your everyday rice cars are how Unique Motorsports came to be. The name actually started out as Unique Racing, however as work schedules began conflicting with race schedules, we settled on Unique Motorsports. Under our club name of Unique Motorsports, we began lowering cars and experimenting with different techniques in hopes of making our cars turn better and accelerate quicker.

It has been a few years now, and we are still experimenting and still lowering cars. We are also older now, and have decided to develop this website where people can share ideas on our forum, buy products from our store, and with a membership to the club submit information about your cars or even own your very own website.