Unique Motorsports AKA Subachad DownPipe

Anyone who has custom fabricated a turbo kit knows the hardest part is actually getting the exhaust made. Most shops will turn away the work, or if they do make it, the results are not always as anticipated.


$265 – With o2 bung, lower flange and an extra flange for the exhaust shop.
$245 – No o2 bung, includes lower flange and an extra flange for the exhaust shop.
$225 – With o2 bung, no lower flanges.

Fits: 93 – 2001 Impreza

Key Benefits

  • Allows you to get the car going before getting it to the exhaust shop
  • 2.5″ Mandrel Bends
  • Simplifies the DIY process
  • Comes with mounting bolts and washers.
  • Includes 3 bolt flange welded to the bottom and an additional flange for the exhaust shop.
  • Available in 2.5″
  • o2 Mounting bung can be added for $40.

Please note. This in no way bolts up to your stock exhaust or any other exhaust for that matter. You will need to have a mid pipe made with a catalytic converter to mate up the down pipe to the rest of your exhaust.

Since it’s not always possible to stock parts, please allow a 2 week lead time unless otherwise specified. A $50 deposit also will insure that your order will be taken care of right away and the rest will be collected prior to shipping. For more information, please email me at subachad@uniquemotorsports.com.

Subachad-Downpipe-3 Subachad-Downpipe

Subachad-Downpipe-1 Subachad-Downpipe-2

  • Deyvi

    Hello subachad do u think this downpipe would clear an automatic crossmember?

    • Hi,

      Thanks for the question. I don’t think it will. The lower flange will likely hit on your downpipe. I can sell it to you without the lower flange though allowing an exhaust shop to easily attach it to the rest of the exhaust.

      • Marc Shuster

        Hey! If I want to run a td04 on my 2000 impreza 2.5rs with saab 900 intercooler, what will be needed exhaust wise? Also do you still have intercooler charge tube for this ic? Thanks!

        • Everything else! Basically the downpipe will just get the exhaust under your car, you will still want to add a Catalytic converter and a section to mate it up with the rest of your exhaust.

          I don’t have the charge tube for a SAAB 900 intercooler but its just a couple of 90 degree bends that you could pick up online.

          • Marc Shuster

            So just to clarify, which parts would I need to order from you? Just downpipe?

  • Ian Barrett

    I understand there will more than likely be fitment issues with the up pipe and downpipe on an auto 97 legacy gt. How would i get around this?

    • Hi Ian,

      To get around this you can use my up pipe and get a downpipe made locally. I can sell you the turbo exit flange and the tight 2.5″ mandrel that you will need to start the setup. The rest is basic exhaust work and the farther you get from the turbo, the less important nice mandrel bends and good flow matter. Email me at subachad@uniquemotorsports.com when you are ready to make this happen.

      • Ian Barrett

        Sounds good! Ill be purchasing within in the month

      • Ian Barrett

        Payment was sent! Just waiting on some confirmation (:

        • Hi Ian,

          I responded to your email yesterday. Did you get it and is this a way to keep me on my toes? If so, I can work with that. I’ll be ordering the mandrels for the up pipe as soon as I can. They don’t do weekends.


          • Ian Barrett

            Just making sure the payment went through since I’ve previously had problems with paypal! Thanks, can’t wait.

  • Anthony

    Looking to purchase a up and down pipe from you for my 98impreza outback sport 5speed. Wondering if your up and down pipe will work

    • Thanks for the message, email and order!

  • Ian Barrett

    Just emailed you about the downpipe. Can’t wait to repping your up and down pipe!

  • Ian Barrett

    Just emailed you about the downpipe. Can’t wait to be repping your up and down pipes!

    • Great! Boost is intoxicating!

      • Ian Barrett

        Any rough idea on how long it’d take to make and ship? Super excited to finally run the car

        • My default answer to that is within 2 weeks of getting the order. I happen to have the parts for your downpipe in stock though so if you ordered today, I would most likely have it shipped by next Wednesday night.

  • Travis

    I have a 96 4eat. I’m just looking for more ample power in my daily. I’d need a down pipe that’s able to clear the cross member. Is there anything you can do?

    • Hi Travis, thanks for the question. My downpipe will hit your transmission do I would recommend you get an up pipe that would allow you to locate all of your oil, coolant and intake lines. I can also sell you a downpipe flange that will allow an exhaust shop to easily fabricate the downpipe and meet it up to the rest of your exhaust.


  • Ivan Pina

    Hey, I’m trying to buy a downpipe with the o2 bung and extra flange. Sent you a message on Facebook but you haven’t responded and sent an email too. Can pay ASAP!

    • Hi Ivan, Sorry about that. I am in the process of switching careers and basically working both in the meantime. I was also out of turbo exit flanges, but I expect them to be here in about a week or so. I’ll respond to your email.