Unique Motorsports AKA Subachad UpPipe

Anyone who has custom fabricated a turbo kit knows the hardest part is actually getting the exhaust made. Most shops will turn away the work, or if they do make it, the results are not always as anticipated. This up pipe will fit both the TD04 from an 02 WRX and the RHB5 that can be found on the older Subarus.

Price: $200 shipped

Fits: 93 – 2001 Impreza.

Specs: 2″ mandrel bend, locates the turbo just below the cruise control.

Since it’s not always possible to stock parts, please allow a 2 week lead time unless otherwise specified. A $50 deposit also will insure that your order will be taken care of right away and the rest will be collected prior to shipping. For more information, please email me at subachad@uniquemotorsports.com.

Key Benefits

* It’s actually tested unlike a one-off piece.

* Comes with mounting bolts and washers.

Unique Motorsports Subachad UpPipe Subachad UpPipe Turbo location

*In the picture, You can see why the turbo needs to be clocked. The picture is taken prior to clocking of the turbo, so that’s why it runs into the motor.

* You will need to pull the wiring harness away from the turbo and wrap the wires due to the heat of the turbo.

* The turbo is located where the cruise control is, so that would need to be moved or removed.