Unique Motorsports AKA Subachad UpPipe

Anyone who has custom fabricated a turbo kit knows the hardest part is actually getting the exhaust made. Most shops will turn away the work, or if they do make it, the results are not always as anticipated. This up pipe will fit both the TD04 from an 02 WRX and the RHB5 that can be found on the older Subarus.

Price: $200 shipped

Fits: 93 – 2001 Impreza.

Specs: 2″ mandrel bend, locates the turbo just below the cruise control.

Since it’s not always possible to stock parts, please allow a 2 week lead time unless otherwise specified. A $50 deposit also will insure that your order will be taken care of right away and the rest will be collected prior to shipping. For more information, please email me at subachad@uniquemotorsports.com.

Key Benefits

* It’s actually tested unlike a one-off piece.

* Comes with mounting bolts and washers.

Unique Motorsports Subachad UpPipe Subachad UpPipe Turbo location

*In the picture, You can see why the turbo needs to be clocked. The picture is taken prior to clocking of the turbo, so that’s why it runs into the motor.

* You will need to pull the wiring harness away from the turbo and wrap the wires due to the heat of the turbo.

* The turbo is located where the cruise control is, so that would need to be moved or removed.

  • Mark Ross

    Will this work on a 99 legacy

  • Emileonidus Blooregard

    Still making these bad boys?

  • Jason gomez

    Is there any way to add an 02 sensor bung on the Up pipe upon request?

    • Thing is, I haven’t had a Subaru in years and while I can still make the pipes, I don’t know where I could put an o2 bung in the up pipe and still have plenty of clearance.

  • Ricardo Morales

    Can you do a deal with both uppipe and downpipe?

    • Thanks for the comment, I don’t really sell these for enough as it it so the only deal I give is the free shipping when combined.

  • Omar Cardenas

    Did you ever make these to be able to bolt up to the stock wrx down pipe? I know you had a discussion thread saying that was your goal for the redesign.

    • Hi, thanks for the comment. I don’t even have an Impreza anymore to work with so I have no way of making a new up pipe that works with a stock WRX down pipe.

  • Luis Garcia

    Any chance you still make the single port Uel for a stock up pipe?

    • Hi Luis,

      Not sure what you mean by this. My Up Pipe works with either the single port or dual port headers. I also still make them. Does this answer your question?

  • Luis Garcia

    Any chance you still make the single port Uel for a stock up pipe?

  • Andrew Ramirez

    I plan on ordering the up-pipe soon, but i have a question. Does your up-pipe only work with the down pipe you make? like can i use a OEM WRX down pipe with this up-pipe or no?

    • Hi,

      My up pipe puts the turbo pretty close to the firewall and does not work with the Stock WRX downpipe. You will either need the downpipe I offer or have one custom made. I offer downpipe flanges if you choose to have a downpipe custom made.

  • devin schauer

    I have a 99 subaru legacy Brighton with a 2.2l na engine

    • Hi Devin,

      The up pipe will work. The downpipe will also work unless you have an automatic. If you do, there will probably be a clearance issue with the lower flange.

      Check out this thread on rs25, I think some of the people there installed the setup on a legacy. http://www.rs25.com/forums/f7/t201710-subachad-turbo-setups.html


      • devin schauer

        I have the 5 speed manual also can i keep my stock exhaust manifold for the installation of the up pipe

  • Dj Smith

    Do you still make the upside and downpipe? If so I would like to buy them both asap! Email me back at smither3966@gmail.com
    Thanks in advance!

  • Gaz

    Hi I have a impreza 2001 bugeye Na would both up and downpipe fit and do you ship to uk? If so how much

    Thanks in advance


    • Hi Gaz,
      Thanks for the message. I don’t know if anyone has tried it on 2002 or newer (US got the bugeye in 2002, we still had the older style in 2001). That said, I have no idea how the fitment will be. Also, shipping to UK would get a little out of hand. The last time I shipped a set to Canada it was $60 US. If you want to try it, I might be able to get the shipping down, especially if you are able to make your own downpipe since I can fit just the up pipe in a fairly small box. Even still, it would probably be about $40USD or so for shipping.


  • Tyler Davis

    I have an automatic 2000 Subaru impreza outback sport. I’m looking to turbo it and have some questions. Could you email me at Tylerd@dairyland.net?

    • tyler davis

      looking to purchase the uppipe and downpipe but have some questions regarding fitment

  • Ted Olthof

    Hello Subachad,
    I have an ’87 Subaru GL wagon that I’ve got a EJ25D in. I’m looking to turbo it and was curious if your up-pipe and downpipe will fit in my GL’s chassis?

    • Hi Ted,

      I really don’t know. I imagine there is more than one way to mount an EJ25 in an old GL wagon. This is one of those try it and see kind of things. Not that you want to spend a couple hundred dollars on something that might not work, unfortunately, unless you happen to be around someone that will let you test it, it’s really hard to say. Does a WRX intake manifold, up pipe and downpipe fit on your setup? If so, then its very likely my up and downpipe will fit so long as you don’t have an Automatic transmission.

      • Ted Olthof

        Please forgive my very very late reply. The email notification ended up in my junk mail folder and then the squirrels took over. 🙁
        A whole WRX engine including the exhaust, will fit in my 87 with no problem if I only had the engine crossmember for the turbo version of my GL. I do have a manual transmission, so that shouldn’t be a problem and the transmission sits in the same place as the EJ chassis.
        Is running the wrx intake manifold required?

        • I still can’t answer this with any kind of confidence. If it was me, I would get the up pipe and once it’s in, see how much room there is and compare to some installs on rs25.

  • Cam Eaves

    Hello. I have a 2002 subaru impreza rs bugeye 5 speed. I’m looking to turbo my car. Will the up pipe and down pipe work with my car.

  • Nick Marinelli

    I have an automatic 99 Impreza (EJ22) with single port headers, will your product fit with the headers made by Inferno Fab (very similar to stock, also have an equal length available)?

    • Hi Nick,

      If the headers are a bolt in to replace your stock headers, then yes the up pipe will fit. The down pipe though will hit your transmission so you’ll need to have one made custom. I can sell you the exit flange and tight 2.5″ mandrel to go off the turbo. This will keep the flow good even if the rest is a standard crush bent exhaust.

  • Brian Hilligoss

    You still making these?

  • Stephen

    Hey Chad, I’m looking to boost my 99 obs. I have one quick question though. If I buy the up pipe can I use an aftermarket down pipe or I have to use one you make?

  • Cheepen Vue

    do you make these with external wastegate setup?

    • I do not. This is something you’ll have to ask an exhaust shop or friend to add. It’s fairly straight forward though once everything is installed. Lots of fiddling, measuring and occasionally fixing an “oops”. If you are into the open waste gate thing, it’s a hole and some welding.


      • Anthony

        Get chad I emailed you inquiring about an up and down pipe looking to get one asap. Thanks

  • Chase moore

    Hey subachad. Ian Barrett sent me your way. I have a 1997 outback sport 5 speed n/a. I have a t3/t4 turbo I’m going to put in it. Was wondering if you can do flanges that aren’t stock to subaru?

    • Hi Chase,

      Thanks for the message. There wasn’t enough demand for a t3 style up pipe so I never made any. Especially given the ease of finding and price of a wrx or STI turbo.


      • Chase

        Ok. thank you very much.

      • Chase

        Would you be able to send me one without the turbo flange and I could just get it welded where I’m at?

  • Richard Coleman

    Hey I’m wondering. If I’m running this up pipe, It would put my oil return line below the passenger side valve cover. Is it safe to have the oil return line going upwards towards the valve cover or should i Just stop being lazy and tap the pan?

    • Hi Richard,

      Most people go to the oil pan but I’m pretty sure some have also tapped into the valve cover. If the angle is steep enough, the valve cover can probably save you some headache of running the drain line.

  • Joseph

    Hi Chad, I emailed you to place an order on the 27th. Just wondering if you’ve gotten my email! I’m looking forward to be running these soon.

    • Hi Joseph,

      I’ll post this here even though we already spoke over email. Your up and downpipe are in process and you have a recent picture to show the status as well.